I am a native speaker with a university degree in Dutch Language and Communication and a minor in Marketing Communication. My work experience (in Holland and the US) includes PR management, copywriting and translating. My agency is located in the Netherlands (Alkmaar area) but I work for companies worldwide.

Since 2008, I have worked for hotels, museums, as well as medical, financial, oil & gas, nautical and cultural companies.  The diversity makes my work challenging and interesting – I love every minute of it!

I’ve had a life-long interest in language and fiction. As soon as I started learning English, I was sold. As they say in Texas, “I was not born in the US but I got there as fast as I could”! I have lived in the US for six great years, resulting in a deep appreciation of the American language, culture and literature without compromising my Dutch heritage.

I am passionate about language (even teach it as a second language to expats), love going out for dinner, and am not ashamed of my geeky interest in etymology. Check my blog for my findings on the Dutch origin of a whopping 1% of English words.

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